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About Us and the Meaning of Benidorm

 In 2017 Benidorm Bikes entered our 20th year of helping people enjoy the sport and hobby of cycling, a sport that brought Jan and Doug together 30 years ago!

While at The University of New Hampshire, the US National Team member (Doug Tanner) and Varsity Rower (Jan Bolland) crossed paths and developed a friendship, which eventually turned into a passionate relationship with bikes…and each other! Just like the meandering roads in the country, one would have never known the direction their passions with bikes would take them.

Quite competitive and driven people, each supported the other’s pursuits, with Doug contributing to the efforts of a teammate earning a spot on the 1988 Olympic Cycling Team and Jan’s eventual 1992 Team Time Trial World Championship Title in Benidorm, Spain. The years between 1984 and 1996 were years filled with competition, traveling the world and representing the US National Teams for road racing and mountain biking.

As both Doug and Jan pursued their passions beyond racing, the coin toss was to determine whether the future would hold the hours of a bakery or a bicycle shop. As you can see, the pursuit of the bike shop was the chosen direction!

The name of Benidorm Bikes (from the city in Spain where the World Championships were won) became a reality, representing the commitment to their interests in cycling. Even though both their backgrounds include college degrees and athletic accomplishments, their true interest is to understand and appreciate every individual cycling experience for their customers!