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Benidorm Bikes' In-Store Consignment works the same way our Annual New and Used Consignment Sale would work.  The only difference is that you will provide some essential bike and contact information, and schedule to bring the bike in for a checkover.  Once we checkover your bike, and determine the selling price, you will decide whether you want in-store credit or a check written to you. 

Bike(s) must be a model year 2010 or newer, have a clear serial number and original paint, and be fully functional, clean and safe to ride.  Department store bikes or with an original selling price less than $500 are excluded.  Benidorm Bikes reserves the right to refuse a bike at time of check in.

Bike Information

Please provide details to help us identify useful information about your bike. If you are not sure, we can help when we talk.

Please include wheel size, which can be found on the sidewall of the tire.
Color / Size / General Working Condition / All bikes must be clean and in rideable & operational condition.
Please email a photo of your bike that includes the side with the drivetrain (the side with the chain), to .

Your Best Contact Information

Home number is OK, if you check your messages.