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 All of these considerations equal happiness and enjoyment on a bike!

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Let’s Maximize Your Comfort and Efficiency!

Every rider can benefit from a Bike Fitting at Benidorm Bikes. Our BikeFitCT staff at Benidorm Bikes is committed to maximizing your ride experience and is able to troubleshoot individual concerns and address individual rider goals on a new or existing bike…and help design a custom bike.

We think “outside of the box” and want to keep you riding! We combine knowledge, experience, technology and certifications with your physical or structural constraints, to provide you with a bike fit for you.

Jan Bolland Tanner

 Certified Master’s BG Fit Technician

Certified Specialized Retul Fitter

Certified Slowtwitch FIST by Dan Empfield

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  • I was looking for a very good bike fitter and I started to search online, I came across Jan Tanner. I read a lot of great things about her and decided to drive 2.5 hours to her bike shop. Jan is very good at what she does and knows her stuff and she used to be a Pro rider. She spent over 3 hours with me and went through every detail to make sure everything was perfect. It's very hard to find a good bike fitter,  but if you want one of the best, drive up to CT to visit Jan Tanner at Benidorm Bikes.

    Anthony Leong
  • I can’t thank Jan enough for the time and effort she put into getting me so well dialed in to my bike. Over the course of one long afternoon she analyzed my build, flexibility, injury history, race history and goals for the year. We then put my bike up and went to work. When she was done we had made some significant changes to my existing setup but I felt very comfortable on the bike. Jan met with me several more times throughout the season and made additional changes based on my feedback. What followed was the resolution of chronic left hip and foot pain that had bothered me for over 6 years, a consistent 8-10 minute improvement in my 40K time and a 3-4 minute improvement in my 10k run time. I had a great season with a number of age-group wins and top 5 overall placings and finished by qualifying for the Age Group Triathlon World Championships and a trip to the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or outcome.

    Kathryn Triathlete
  • The bike fitting process was thorough and took into account my body geometry and flexibility.  Improvements were noticeable after the first ride; I could bike for longer and feel less tired since the bicycle felt much more comfortable. Even more important I have been injury free ever since. Jan is a world class athlete and she is always willing to help with her knowledge during the fitting session and afterward. This was an experience that I would recommend to cyclists of any level.

  • I have always been a biking enthusiast but during my years of working I never found much time to ride. I retired in 2015 at age 75 and started riding over 100 miles per week. I soon realized that I wanted a high-performance bike for the hills in Connecticut. I did some research but concluded that I really needed professional help to select the right bike. That is when I met Jan Tanner at Benidorm Bikes. Jan spent three hours with me understanding my goals, checking my posture and measuring me for a proper fitting. Then she analyzed the data and recommended a bike. The result is my new Specialized Roubaix. I am now more comfortable riding and have increased my distance and speed. I am very happy I chose this process and hope to be riding for many years to come.

    Larry English
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between bike sizing and bike fitting?

ABSOLUTELY!  We have tried for 20 years to distinguish that difference, but people still intertwine the use of these terms.  Simply put, a bike sizing allows a rider to be on the correct size bike with an initial set up to have an enjoyable experience on the bike.  Bike sizing is what one will receive upon the purchase of a new bike.  A bike fitting (at Benidorm Bikes) involves a thorough pre-fit evaluation with a physical and structural assessment to provide a comprehensive approach to an optimized bike fit, set up for the rider.

What kind of bikes can you fit?

Usually, any bike can be fit including road bikes, tri bikes, cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, fitness bikes and mountain bikes.  There are occasions when the generation of equipment may present a constraint, but we address each of those situations in a manner to move forward.  The Retul MUVE fit system bike can help with custom bike designs, and the determination of bike fit measurements if a rider decides to not be fit on their existing bike.

What is the best way to make an appointment?

Email Jan using the contact form above.  Please provide a contact number so I may follow up with a brief conversation to understand your bike fit and cycling goals.  At that time, the appropriate type of fitting is scheduled to work with appointment availability and your schedule.

I only get to ride on weekends and I'm a casual rider. Do I really need a fitting?

Bike fitting is just as important to a casual rider as it is to an elite athlete.  When bike fitting is done properly, it is addressing the individual rider and their goals.  Bike fit is about producing a comfortable, efficient, sustainable position so the cyclist can get the most from every ride!  When done with a comprehensive approach, bike fitting is also about injury prevention as much as it is about maximizing performance.  Ultimately, as time permits, you will ride more frequently because your bike feels so good!

I don’t want to clip into pedals; can you still fit my bike?

Yes.  We understand the confidence that some riders need to develop.  We also realize that a person may have physical or structural constraints that may contribute to not having clip in pedals.  Whatever the reason, we help the cyclist to become mindful of their foot position on the platform pedals.  Even though there aren’t cleats, there are still considerations for the person using platform pedals.

I want a custom bike. How will a bike fitting help?

A custom bike is a personal approach to a bike’s design.  The same comprehensive approach is used, but there will be more conversation related to desired characteristics of the way a bike handles for the rider.  Being an experienced fitter, and having worked with various frame builders, we know more details to inquire about to get the best custom bike…designed for the individual rider with individual ride qualities.  This is often a beneficial opportunity to work on the Retul MUVE or Serotta Size Cycle to provide the frame designer with very thorough data.

The bike shop near me does bike fitting. Why should I make an appointment with you?

Our commitment to the process of bike fit has been established for as long as we have been in business and at this point, that is almost 20 years!  This is not a ‘trend’ to us and we are genuinely interested in helping a rider maximize their riding time.  We provide a thorough approach to the bike fit process as a result of numerous certifications, classes, instructional time, thousands of bike fit hours with recreational and elite athletes, and the continuous investment in bike fit tools.  We can only speak to our abilities and results, which would make me, encourage you to take the time with Benidorm Bikes and BikeFitCT.

I’m not in a lot of pain on my bike. Would you just take a look at me?

Anyone on our staff can take a look at a rider, but a bike fit is performed by Jan.  A “look at” approach can easily overlook a consideration.  Because of our positive fit reputation, we don’t want to put ourselves in a predicament.  Pain is not always the indication that your bike isn’t properly set up for you.  The onset of pain may just take more miles and that isn’t really worth the wait.  We are certainly willing to listen and advise accordingly.

Do you fit bikes for people that have physical limitations and are unsure of riding a bike?

We like to think out of the box!  Most constraints have a solution that may be achieved through numerous steps.  The most important considerations are to work within one’s abilities and continue to make progress along the way.  We have worked with prosthetists to help in the design of an ‘exoskeleton’ for a rider with significant muscle atrophy, and have worked with custom bike designers to address individual needs of cyclists.  With open communication, understanding of the cyclist’s goals, our knowledge of custom bike design and the importance of shifting and braking technology, we will help to develop that riding confidence…all within realistic and safe considerations.

I think I need a new saddle because my existing one is not comfortable. Can you help?

Yes!  There is an extensive selection of saddles to consider.  Through years of experience, one’s saddle discomfort may be associated with an improper bike fit position.  Let us help you understand the importance of this ‘platform’ before you start a collection of saddles.  It may just be that you need a bike fitting to get your existing saddle in the correct position!

Will you give me a bike fitting when I buy a new bike?

The bike fitting fee is always separate from a bike purchase.  In some cases, the bike fitting takes place before the bike purchase or custom bike design, to aid in that decision.  Our bike fit service combines thousands of hours of bike fit time with cutting edge technology to help in addressing every fit experience.