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Get a Special Deal on a New Bike with our Bikes on Sale

Every now and then a bike doesn’t find its way from our floor to your door and may end up on this Bikes on Sale list. These are all great bikes and one may be the bike you’ve been looking for!  Some of these savings are really incredible.

The sale price might have you riding sooner than you thought. It would be awesome if one of these bikes is for you!  Always remember our Trade Up Program as a way of turning your existing bike into cash towards your new bike purchase.

Comfort/Fitness Bike Specials

BrandDescriptionSizePriceSale PriceYear
ElectraW's Townie GO! 8DOnePedal Assist$2099.992019
ElectraM/W Townie Original 7DOneLight and Stylish539.992019
SpecializedComo 2.0 Pedal AssistS, L$2849.992019
SpecializedVado 2.0 Pedal AssistS$2849.992019
SpecializedVado 3.0 Pedal AssistM$3449.992019
SpecializedRoll VM, L534.992019

Road Bike Specials

BrandDescriptionSizePriceSale PriceYear
CannondaleTopstone 105M, L$1749.992019
CannondaleSynapse AL Disc SE
hit the road less travelled!
CannondaleSynapse Carbon Disc 10558compare at $26252499.992018
CannondaleW's Synapse Carbon Di2 Disc51compare at $44003999.992018
CannondaleW's Synapse Carbon Ultegra54ultimate control!3149.992019
SevenAxiom S R800055$70005999.992019
SpecializedAllez Elite561349.992019
SpecializedAllez Sport58$999.992019
SpecializedAllez Sprint Comp Disc56Smartweld Tech2199.992019
SpecializedSequoia Elite54$2000$1599.992017
SpecializedTarmac SL5 Comp52$3000$2199.992017
SpecializedTarmac SL6 Sport Disc542699.992019
SpecializedW's Ruby Comp Disc Di2514199.992019
SpecializedW's Ruby Sport48$2000$1599.992017
SpecializedW's Tarmac SL6 Comp Disc49Disc Brakes3499.992019
TrekCheckpoint SL658$3999.99New for 20192019

Mountain Bike Specials

BrandDescriptionSizePriceSale PriceYear
CannondaleAll New HABIT 2 CarbonL$5249.992019
CannondaleCujo 2M$1299.992019
CannondaleCujo 3S, M, L$1099.992019
TrekX-Caliber 819.5 (29er)$1150$999.992018
TrekFarley 517.5, 19.5$1900$1799.992019
TrekCali S15.5 (27.5)$830$699.992016
TrekRoscoe 7 27.5+15.5, 18.5, 19.5Fan Favorite$1199.992019
SpecializedFatboy Comp CarbonM, L$3200$2999.992019
SpecializedFuse Comp 6FattieS, M, L, XLBig tires$1649.992019
SpecializedEnduro Comp 27.5M3200$3099.992019
SpecializedChisel Expert (demo)L$1850$1499.992018
SpecializedStumpjumper FSR Al STS-Wmns(27.5), M(27.5), L(29)$1869.992019
SpecializedStumpjumper FSR Comp Al 27.5 12spL$3319.992019
SpecializedStumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon 27.5 12sp
SpecializedStumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon ST 29 12spM$4519.992019
SpecializedStumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon 6Fattie 27.5+L$5000$3999.992017
Santa CruzBronson C R KitM, M+$4399.992019
Santa CruzBronson C S KitL+$5199.992019
Santa CruzBlur C 29 S kitM, L$4400All New XC Race Bike2019
Santa Cruz5010 C S KitM, M+, L+, XL+$4899.992019
Santa Cruz5010 AL 27.5 R2 KitM$3000$2399.992017
Santa CruzChameleon 27.5+ D KitM, L, XL$1799.992019
Santa CruzChameleon 27.5+ R KitL$2399.992019
Santa CruzHightower C 27.5+ S kitM$4900$3899.992018


DescriptionBrandList PriceBlowout Price
Varia RTL510 Radar Tail LightGarmin$299.99
EDGE 130Garmin$199.99
EDGE 520 PlusGarmin$279.99
EDGE 1030Garmin$599.99
Chariot Accessories25% off (from $75 each)$100.00$75.00
Sport Mechanic Repair StandFeedback Sports$169.99
SnowPack 4Thule$219.99$199.99
ELEMNT Bolt GPS ComputerWahoo$249.99Always in stock
SNAP Smart TrainerWahoo$599.99Great Value
CORE Smart TrainerWahoo$899.99Very Quiet
KICKR Trainer Smart TrainerWahoo$1199.99#1

Please call 860-693-8891 with any inquiries on the bikes on sale.