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We’re passionate about cycling and the way it provides wellness in our daily lives.

Bikes of all sizes and types can offer every skill level of cyclist a great experience, and we can help you identify the best bicycle for you.

Get the right bike in the right size for your desired cycling experience.

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There’s a Bike for Everyone!

Whether it’s a manufactured bike by Specialized, Trek, Pinarello or Santa Cruz, or a custom made bike by Seven Cycles or Independent Fabrications, there will be something for you.

At Benidorm Bikes, our entire staff rides! We understand the broad spectrum of desired uses of bicycles and the need to be considerate of a person’s individual budget. We also understand the information a customer is able to gather from on-line resources or their cycling friends. We still take the approach to thoroughly help a customer understand the ride qualities of a bike model and the benefits of the components on the bike.

We like to start by knowing the rider and their intended uses of the bike. We have fun, ask questions, listen and get you on a few test rides so you can begin to experience bikes of your interest. You will see that we have a great selection of bicycles. By looking into the high rafters of our post and beam building, you will see bicycles coming out of the woodwork!

Our interest is to help grow the sport/hobby of cycling. We are committed to bicycles for kids, fitness flat bar bicycles, hybrid comfort bicycles, ‘Cruiser’ type bicycles, gravel and cyclocross bikes, traditional recreational and performance road bikes, commuting bikes, eBikes, designs for women’s road and mountain bikes, custom bikes of every type and the constantly growing category of mountain bikes.

The mountain bike category alone encompasses hardtails (no rear suspension), full suspension and fat bikes. Within the mountain bike category, wheel sizes of 26″, 27.5”, 650b and 29” wheels are considered…along with the ‘fattie’ versions for those bikes, too!

You’ll have to see and feel the differences between your options.  So come in and ride with us!

Ask Us Your Questions

We’d love to have you test ride a bike or talk to you on the phone, but you may also email us.

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We’ll Help You Find The Right Bike

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