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These events and classes differ a bit from the In-Shop Clinics because they tend to offer a more in depth approach to learning or experiencing a topic.  Other events may offer an opportunity to participate in a more organized experience, such as Bike To Work Day, Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day, Traffic Skills Safety or a number of other opportunities. Some are fee based, limited to a specific number of participants, and provide a hands-on instructed learning experience. You will find updates on these topics on our Facebook page or through newsletter communications.

These cycling related events and classes are additional learning sessions, which are often held at Benidorm Bikes in Canton, CT or another designated area.

Have a suggestion for cycling events or a clinic? Is there something you’d like to learn more about? Let us know.

Check out our In-Shop Clinics and Supported Bike Rides, too.

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General Bike Maintenance 101
Power & Watts
Virtual Cycling
Lactate Threshold Testing
Indoor Trainer Demo
Virtual Training Demo

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No events scheduled at this time.

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