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There are numerous supported cycling, triathlon, and multi-sport events for you and your friends and family to enjoy.  In fact, there are too many for us to identify, but below you will find some of the events where you may see one of our smiling faces send you off for your great ride, offering last minute help if necessary.

Participate in one of the upcoming rides or events and have a great time with others!  This may be the beginning of connecting with other cyclists of similar abilities and becoming your future cycling partners.

Some of the rides raise funds for local or national charitable organizations. You can support your favorite cause and have fun doing it!  As a word from the wise, we would recommend making sure your bike is in tip top shape so you don’t have to encounter any mechanical problems while you are riding the many miles ahead of you!

Check out our Other Events & Classes and In-Shop Clinics, too.

Why Ride for Charities?

Support a meaningful cause

Ride a challenging distance and have support along the way

Camaraderie on a bike!

Upcoming Supported Bike Rides

No events scheduled at this time.

Supported bike rides for charity
Mechanical service for supported bike rides
Supported bike rides