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June means summer...and summer means riding!  

We love seeing your smiling faces...without masks if you are vaccinated.  So enjoy a breath of fresh air, come visit and continue riding.
(Updated June 11th)

Summer is Here!

By now you are familiar with the availability conversation.  It is not an easy topic to navigate, but we are trying our best.  I wish our 'crystal ball' could offer some real guidance, but it's not happening.  Bikes, wheels, tires, repair parts, shoes, name it...are all very uncertain.  While we have great inventory, that can change when it comes to reordering.  HUNDREDS of bikes remain on backorder, as some fulfillment timelines are updated fairly accurately.  Customers have deposits on bikes in order to get a bike when we receive it. is a time like none other.  We are trying our best to share updates from our manufacturers and suppliers, but even they are experiencing limited and more costly shipping containers!  While a blurry picture is being painted, there is an incredibly clear message...

People are riding bikes!

That is awesome.  Now it will be up to all of us to look out for each other, riding safely and working with our local, state and federal programs to insure that we have trails, paths and infrastructure to keep more people pedaling into the future.  We are certainly committed to helping you!  So please, come visit, ask questions, let us help you come up with a plan, and help you ride out of our shop. If 'new' isn't in your cards right now, stay tuned, as we are bringing 'our consignment' options into the every day fold.  It's exciting!

Thank you again and again for your patience and support.  Let's have a healthy year of safe riding!

 Doug, Jan, Pete, Charlie, Keith, Jodi, Davey, Wells and Nathan

Using Our Judgement...

  • Bike Fit and Retul Custom Footbed appointments are still being made on a limited basis through 

  • EBCycling.Club Group rides will resume as of April 4th.  Please see the EBCC website for becoming a member, riding with groups and joining Slack, a communication channel, for easier updates.  Memberships is required.

  • In store clinics and events are postponed until further notice.

Best Contact For Benidorm Bikes:

Website Update | Online Sales

  • Click and Collect at Benidorm Bikes

  • Our website has been an incredible tool throughout the past several months.  You can make purchases and arrange for deck-side or in-store pick up.  In some cases, product can be drop shipped directly to you.  Our website is a relatively accurate representation of products we have, will be receiving, or can order....however, it is not always 100% accurate.  (especially during this time where supply chains have been interrupted.)  Most importantly, we want to help you, so a call or visit is always helpful.

  • Payments can be made using Pay Pal.  Financing is also available through Pay Pal.  Payment may also be selected to be completed upon pick up of merchandise.

Scheduling Bike Service

  • Drop off of scheduled appointments and spot repairs will continue at the bike rack located to the right (east side) of the building.

  • All bike service appointments will continue as planned. If your bike is in for service, it will be completed as planned.  

  • Follow the instructions posted at the rack where you will drop off your bike.

  • If your bike has a scheduled appointment, please select that box on the form at drop off.

  • If you would like to have a ‘spot repair’, such as a flat change, a brake or derailleur adjustment, a new chain, etc...follow the instructions posted on the bike rack, and we will contact you upon completion.

  • If you would like to schedule any level of tune up services, or more extensive work, please leave your bike with the attached, completed form and we will contact you to confirm the work and the date for service.  If your bike is rideable at that point, you can take it and bring it back at the scheduled date for the completion of services.

  • ‘Forms’ are located at the bike rack for your completion at bike drop off.