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Meet Our Team

We’re Passionate About Cycling!

America's Best Bike Shops 2020 ImageWe take great pride in the relationships that we have with our customers and staff, and our distinguished role within the cycling industry and our community! Benidorm Bikes has been a Nation’s Top 100 and an America’s Best Bike Shop for several years. We continue to offer excellence through product selection, mechanical services, bike fitting services, trade-up programs, and incredible knowledge in the ever-growing technology side of cycling! Stop by and meet us and you’ll discover why we’re a favorite bike shop to so many people!

Meet Us!

Doug Tanner Image


Owner/Buyer/Service Tech Extraordinaire

When you find your passion, pursue it! That’s what Doug did while attending the University of New Hampshire. An Economics major with a blossoming cycling career through the mid-80’s and early 90’s took Doug to Italy, Australia and New Zealand with the US National Cycling Team. From his very first Marinoni to his current Seven Evergreen, he has always possessed an ability to finely tune a bike, build reliable and strong wheels, identify and resolve issues of the simplest to greatest scales, and manage a great commitment of success within the cycling industry! He is the only person that could complete the 160 km D2R2 ride on a wheel that broke seven spokes! He likes spending time on his Santa Cruz Bronson, exploring dirt roads, keeping up with the boys on their mountain bikes, or having a good non-bike shop day with his family.  If he could get the snow that winter deserves, you'd find him seeking some fresh powder, and exploring on cross country skis or snowshoes.

Jan Tanner Image


Bike Fitter/Retail Sales/etc.

There isn’t anything that Jan does that gets less than a 100% effort! A rower at University of New Hampshire, a BS in Biochemistry, a 1992 TTT World Champion in Benidorm, Spain, numerous years on the US National Cycling team for road, mountain bike and cyclocross, and several National Championship titles. All this provides a glimpse of the passionate person she is! She leads the curve in bike fitting and takes each experience with pride! Balancing life with family, a business and lots of community involvement keeps the intensity up when she’s on her Trek Emonda SLR!  When you see her in the woods, she is likely trailing one of her sons as they have surpassed her daredevil threshold.  If you are looking for a specialty cake or pastry, maybe she will make one for you! Peace is found while riding hills, canoe camping, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Give her an opportunity to be outdoors and she is gone!

Peter Downs Image


Sales Manager/Buyer

Count on Pete to greet you and find something to laugh about! He’s a lifelong cyclist, commuted for two years straight without a car, and knows pretty much everything about all cycling products! Pete is our designated ‘Genius Man’ when it comes to electronics and virtual experiences, and is happy when a customer loves their bike and products! A UConn graduate of Political Science, he has worked with AmeriCorps, Best Buddies and The Hartford Courant. His 10+ years with Benidorm Bikes provides a shared sense of humor…kind of like ‘Cheers’. He currently rides his custom Seven Axiom XX Disc brake Campagnolo equipped bike and 'lives his dream' each time he is on it! You may find him on a long ride to the shore or on the rolling hills with a final coffee and pastry destination in sight.

Charlie Beal image


Service Technician

Charlie’s affection for bikes developed as he learned to replace his very own, worn out drive train many moons ago! His knowledge and skill encompasses the broad spectrum of bikes and their individual technologies, but his personal preference is for the simplicity of a single speed or fixed gear bike. Whether racing or commuting, one gear fits his style of riding…and you’ll be lucky to keep up with him! Be aware of the 'two bottle Charlie ride' as it's an indication that something long and spectacular is about to begin.  He’s a father of three, a great vegetarian cook and a wood craftsman. Freshly brewed coffee and the occasional Whole Donut cinnamon roll are two of Charlie's favorites!  Charlie has been a skilled bike mechanic with us for over five years and is the most photogenic in the shop. He looks forward to riding his custom Seven Sola SL Single Speed bike  as he replaces his previous ride with over 12,000 miles!  


Working at Owen House in Bozeman, MT

It's not ordinary that we recognize an employee that is not working with us, but we were a bit lagging in getting employee details posted.  So...Axel is one of the three Tanner kids.  From riding without training wheels before the age of 2, he often seeks adventure, whether it be on a bike or skis.  While at Benidorm Bikes, his help was constant and his development was continuous. His passion for bikes blossomed throughout high school and continues with him while attending Montana State University.  Owen House...keep developing him or we want him back!


Retail Sales / Service Technician

Thank goodness Davey restored an old Schwinn road bike a few years back. That customer experience led to an opportunity for us to develop a broad spectrum of skills with Davey.  He is fast on a road bike and has finally clipped in on his mountain bike.  One never knows what challenge he may seek when he sets out on a ride...could he do an 'Everest' or be talked into a great new route with others?   As long as he can eat a pound of nuts a day, his positive energy and eagerness to learn will take him to great places with the skills he continues to gain.  College is on the horizon, but we will do our best to keep him coming back.


Retail Sales

The picture says it all...Wells has a sense of humor and has fortunately caught the interest of Enduro Mountain Bike Riding!  He is the youngest of the Tanner kids finding a place within Benidorm Bikes.  The 'Covid' year of 2020 helped develop strong interpersonal phone skills as his strength working directly with customers blossomed.  He's gathered more technical information about bikes than some of us will ever have.  Multiple food replenishments throughout a day keep him fueled and helping on the sales floor.  He gladly works on his own Santa Cruz Bronson, 'Dr. Greenthumb', trying to make it ride better than the previous day.  His hopes are to attend college in can only imagine the riding he will pursue.